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    Short Duration
    This plan offer you time slots (2 to 32 hours) for Video consultation. This is available in hybrid model of onsite meeting as well as video based interaction.
    Complex problem
    This service is useful if you have a complex enterprise problem that requires input from multiple experts.
    Off-the-shelf solutions
    We also have Solution Packages which can be directly purchased to address your Enterprise problems.

Enterprise Anatomy is to improve the efficiency of Enterprise Problem solving by a factor of 10.

We have seen the applicability across a wide range of problems in several business verticals including companies of various sizes
We have co-related the patterns of problem & solutions of various industries.
Enterprise Anatomy is a connected model of all sub-models of the Enterprise, shared across Projects as a common resource and Solution Models can be created from it “on the fly”.
  1. Healthcare
    Using Enterprise Architecture for medical solutions, hospital management
  2. Airlines
    How to manage air transport services for traveling passengers and freight?
  3. Transportation
    How to enhance transport service to support faster production or consumption of products or both?
  4. Oil & Energy
    Manage processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting, and marketing energy products.
  5. Media & Publishing
    Using emerging electronic communication process and channels
  6. Airport
    Effectively managing facilities for flights to take off and land.
  7. Fashion & Movies
    How to support rapid globalization of design, manufacturing & sales?
  8. Telecom
    How to expand opportunities with phone, television, internet and wireless services?
  9. Security & Police
    How to ensure and manage protection of assets from threats?
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