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IT Architecture Leader
Enable  Architecture Driven IT Solutions for Business Differentiation

ICMG IT Architect 
​Certification Program


ICMG IT Architecture Certification program evaluates the IT Architect's ability to model business strategies, system envisioning, specify overall requirements, define system level design decisions (six variables), plan complex systems, technology selection and implementation processes.

 Note: All the testing and certifications are administered with strict quality controls.

Level 2: ICMG Certified IT Architecture Leader 

Level 1: ICMG Certified IT Architecture Leader 

Practitioner Certification
Essential Certification 
Why ICMG IT Architecture Certification?
  1. Growth opportunities
    Our Architecture driven IT Solutions are enabling business differentiation and service agility
  2. IT Solution owners
    Most of our workshop participants are playing Chief Architect, Product Heads and are proud to be solution owners and focussed on short-term benefits as well as long-term sustenance
  3. IT Decision Making
    Unfortunately, most other Architecture practice is about creating 45-50 complex looking diagrams, spent 7-12 months and then no one uses it. Our IT Anatomy approach ensures that architecture is being used on day-day decision making. Learn How.
  4. Multi-skill
    Architecture is not about learning one methodology or an incomplete framework. It needs multiple skills, business specification to system requirements, data modelling to network infrastructure, application models to technology rules, implementation and ability to ensure that operational systems are supporting original intended ideas.
  5. Solution Prototype
    Our programs are not just about the individual learning, but how effectively team can use the skills in improving ongoing projects. Our coaching doesn't end with classroom training, our team works with you to transform classroom learning into effective solutions starting with initial prototypes.
  6. ITA Methodology with 30 Days Cycle
    In every other industry, Architecture is about managing complexity with low cost and faster delivery. Unfortunately, prevailing BoK is exactly done the reverse. With ICMG breakthrough in IT Anatomy, you can create architecture driven solutions in 30 days cycle. Learn How.
  7. Architecture Elements Basis for IT Solutions
    The misuse of "Architecture" is mot prevalent in IT today. Sometime, "implementation details" are referred as "Architecture", else "vendor products" are referred as "Architecture". Remember, buying Mittal Steel doesn't get the Architecture of your Building for free. Learn how to create Architecture elements as a basis for IT Solutions.
  8. Static diagrams vs Models on the fly
    Civil Architecture in absence of Civil Engineering will not make sense. Learn how to get "structure" of your IT systems using six variables. How to create solution models on the fly to address new opportunities.

Certification Process




The test schedule needs to be worked out with the coordinator. 
  1. Level I Essential Certification
    First, the participants have to complete the IT Architecture course. After completion of the course, the student can register for certification and take up 2-hour online test. Fees: Certification (ESSENTIAL) Fee $99
  2. Level II Practitioner Certification
    The participant submits one of their case study for evaluation. They have to develop the architecture artifacts, define mappings and ensure that the suggested solution results in better outcome. Subsequently, the result of the case study has to be presented to the certification panel. Please note that qualifying Level I certification is mandatory before taking up the Level II certification Fee : $199
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