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Financial Services Insight -
​Managing Regulatory Requirements

Insight: How Architecture delivered against the abundance of incoming regulatory requirements.

Service Oriented Architecture is the Technology of Choice when it comes to designing distributed data.

This has been the case with a global investment bank that used to run various Risk Systems across different regions having their own data stores and sets of Risk calculations.

Over time, this considerably drove TCO and limited the time-to-market for changes on a global scale as they have been increasingly mandated especially by regulatory-driven projects.

So it was a no-brainer to come up with a new service-oriented, high performing, distributed and memory-based data fabric to enable the consolidation of the mentioned universe of data stores into a single platform that provides a single harmonization and validation infrastructure.

At the heart, it supports multiple geographically distributed Risk calculations via open and uniform interfaces.

It significantly reduces both storage cost and cost and time-to-market for implementing the adaptions triggered by changes to Risk calculations or reporting.

The Bank can now introduce new risk calculations in parallel considerably faster than before, which significantly helps to deliver against the abundance of incoming regulatory requirements.

Further, its flexible and robust architecture facilitates and significantly shortens the time-to-market to add new business such as Aircraft Business.

New Risk Calculation, Data stores, Single validation infrastructure, Uniform Interfaces key to risk calculation in parallel.